Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Animal rights; I think this is a challenging issue. There are many movements in the world that fight against the exploiting of animals. They usually show the pictures of animals that have savagely been sacrificed! by human for what they say the unnecessary experiments. Or "lab animals" that are used in the testing of toxic chemicals, cosmetics, and almost every kind of household product. They say that human beings do not have this right to kill animals for their own benefits. On the other hand, many biologists believe that the future of experimental medicine will be threatened, if they are prohibited to do their researches. Here we can ask two questions: How would be our life, if we did not reach to these improvements in medical sciences based on what have been done in the experimental labs? What do they (the animal concerns communities!) say when lions prey upon innocent deers?!. I think we should look at this case from another point of view. There is not doubt that “every creature has right to live”. Since animals are sentient creatures. Like humans, It seems likely that they have feelings and can suffer.( written by Iman)

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