Thursday, December 16, 2004

Learning to fly!

It is a dramatic title for a medical article, Is not it?! How to become master in your field of work. I have seen many worthless books in the market which are published to fool people and feed some businesses by some publishers. In the academic world, the story is different! To train people for high level of performance, practical theories are needed. Let’s start with this article. I will post some other links with regard to this issue!

We tell our residents that they need to be determined to do more than just survive. They must be ready to prevail over the circumstances that they find in their sometimes chaotic lives. One of these challenges is dealing with anxiety. We teach the residents that there is little physiological difference between anxiety and arousal. The paradox is that people spend a great portion of their lives trying to avoid anxiety and a great deal of therest of their lives trying to seek out arousal. If one realizes that the physiologic reaction of the body to both anxiety and arousal is similar, then one can approach situations that might seem anxiety provoking with a positive outlook instead of apprehension. One should channel thesefeelings of arousal into an energetic state of being that will allow one to do one is best.
Learning to fly: Teaching mental strategies to future surgeons addressed by Dr Curtis G. Tribble

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